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Middle East: Out of Control

Middle East: Out of Control
The former director of the National Security Council in America Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote: In the long run, global politics are bound to become increasingly uncongenial to the concentration of hegemonic power in the hands of a single state. Hence, America is not only the first, as well as the only, truly global superpower, but it is also likely to be the very last (The Grand Failure 1998). And still, whereas Mesopotamia was the cradle for first empire on virgin earth, it has failed since 1958 as to become a modern republican state. By long odds, while America is the last superpower on torched earth, it has failed as to live up to the hegemony of global authority. Amid these failures, we moderns have to admit in pain that the signs of decline of authoritarian regiems has dramitised the current crisis in Middle East. For, the story of this and that partly-republic is not that much different, all but about proud generals who stormed the palaces of their kingdoms with tanks, and so-and-so each to declare his own state-of-authority. Since they have never matured enough as to realis the ideal of “Putting People before Profit”; critic Edward Said wrote “they do simplify the business environment, while enriching the governing elite and the companies of the emperial countries”. And thus matching the security-&-stability of Middle Eastern republics with a proper democratization process and social justice remains unfinished task. Little wonder, these crushing state-of-authority have brought niether economic stability nor social democracy. And yet, no medals for geopolitics as the question raised by Thomas L. Friedman remians challenging enough: Where are we, America is always at its most powered and most influential when it is combining innovation and inspiration, wealth building and dignity building, the quest for big profits and the tackling of big problems’.
While each local tyranic ”Saviour” is desperatley seeking more authority in the region, the socio-economic breakdown has sparked further chain reactions. All in all, it has created its own nasty-incubation for further shocks inflected upon the mind-&-heart of their communities. Meanwhile, the potential vulnerability of Middle Eastern region to internal ethno-religious conflicts has paved the way for the cancerous induction of a destabilising force like ISIS on the new map of its Geo-strategic projection. This combined with ongoing struggle for regional mastery between regional powers has induced the complexities of the merging crises with more war than peace. So, whether of the socio-economic decline and/or of the regional instability, the Middle Eastern conflict will bring on its own dilemma. Part of this failure is due to the lack of vision by merging geopolitics on how to market democracy along with a reasonable development for all. Worse, wrote Zbigniew Brzezinski: America power rests largely on an alliance with local governments which, in several cases based on corrupt and obscenely rich classes, increasingly run the risk of losing touch with their own populatios (Out of Control 1993). All in all it is overshadowed by nasty petro-politics: where amid a sea of the darken oil, “Lady Freedom” has lost her sailing memory and wherein even her geopolitical calculations are badly fused and confused.

And still, part of the geopolitical failure is is due to the escalation of un-justified regional massacres everywhere that have alas brought about the worse nightmare to dawn upon our existing civilization worldwide; in words of Samuel P. Huntington (2002): ‘On a worldwide basis Civilization seems in many respects to be yielding to barbarism’. Today, whereas the regional powers are trading in the suffering of the rest, neibouring Europe has trapped in a piculiar position; since citizens keep flooding out of the region have ended up knocking all hard on its gates. A liberal’s lament, warns Zanny Minton Beddoes in “The Economist”: the open, globalised world faces growing threats-and too little is being done to counter them. None than the geopolitical disorder which Zbigniew Brzezinski predicted of a dangerous eruptions in Islamic republics all along with a political climate that is “Out of Control”.

In fine, it is doubtless impossible to overlook the fact that the present is reaping past harvest of hatred, in that the shadows of the past are still spreading mercilessly upon our ongoing civilization. A critical judgment of our species amid a cracked down one another, does confirm alas that horrors within mankind are ruthlessly unfolding. The ongoing fragmentation of Middle Eastern state-of-authority is pushing all towards the primitive old days make-up of ”Tribes with Flags”. The outlook is exceptionally cloudy in Middle East & North Africa with the possile decline of the republics, de facto or de jure, the price of grand failure. And still, when misery comes upon miseries, there will be no cheer for victors on earth.

Dr. Anwar A. Abdullah
East West: Sword & Word
Publisher: BoD GmbH, Germany