• Friday, 23 February 2024

Soft power and diplomacy solution in President Barzani's "Al-Sharqiya" interview

Soft power and diplomacy solution in President Barzani's

In an interview with Al-Sharqiya TV, Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani summed up the failure of the political process for all Iraqis in a few words, and asked all Iraqi people: "Why are other states moving forward, and Iraq is coming back?"
"We are saddened to see this fact, while owning a country has all the material and human potential, and we can easily take steps to build a prosperous state," he said.
"The Kurdistan Region in 2003, which has been part of the coalition for the liberation of Iraq, struggled to end the dictatorial regime and a new democratic, federal and pluralistic Iraq will be established," he said.

The president of the Kurdistan Region reiterated at the meeting that the era was over, saying that Iraq was going through a turbulent phase, because those born in 2003 were now 18 years old and had the right to participate in the political process, so now it is time for the three Iraq's main leaders (Kurds, Shiites, and Sunnis) to sit down at the same table and draw up a political plan for Iraq to end this political turbulent in Iraq.

Regarding the negative consequences of misconduct and mistakes in the political process that have left a very negative impact on Iraqi society, the President of the Kurdistan Region stressed that the ISIS terrorist organization was created in a space where misconduct and mistakes were made in the political process in Iraq. Still, if no effort is made to rectify the political process, there is still room for it, and it is very likely that the ISIS, or similar Daesh, will emerge under a different name.

According to Nechirvan Barzani, the rectification of the political process in Iraq requires a high level of political trust, which can be built into the political entities (Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites), and frankly raises the question: should the Shiites live in fear of the past and the Sunnis fear of the future ? and the Kurds live in fear of both? Why the development in the Kurdistan Region should be considered a threat to other parts of Iraq? The Kurdistan Region needs to be seen as a complement to Iraq's economy and security.

Regarding the disputed areas and the lack of concern for a constitutional solution to those areas, the President of the Kurdistan Region described the Sinjar Agreement as a great achievement for the region and for the whole of Iraq, but considered the implementation of the agreement to be a bad one, and stressed that As far as Kirkuk is concerned, and from there to Sinjar, the terrorists have taken advantage of it, the reason being that there is no cooperation and coordination between the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi army.

In another part of his meeting, in which he spoke about the amendments to the Iraqi constitution, the President of the Kurdistan Region conveyed the message of Kurdistan to the Iraqi public very clearly and transparently, noting that if any part of the Iraqi constitution prevents the delivery of services to the Iraqi people, let be amended, we will also participate, but the main problem is that the constitution will not be implemented.

Regarding the current situation in Iraq and the approach to the Iraqi elections, the President of the Kurdistan Region noted that it is too early to say who the next Prime Minister of Iraq will be, but that whoever is the next Prime Minister of Iraq, the Kurdistan Region will have no problem with anyone and will deal with it on the basis of its government program.

The soft and calm message of the President of the Kurdistan Region, which the Iraqi and Kurdish media portrayed as a soft and cohesive diplomacy, has revived hope and told us that there is a logical perspective and, if this is to be a political plan for Iraq, then Iraq can go through this difficult stage and we will no longer ask ourselves: "Why are other states moving forward and Iraq going backwards?"