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Arab political commentator: Kurds have opened another political door

Gulan Media June 14, 2021 News
Arab political commentator: Kurds have opened another political door

In the wake of the president's political and diplomatic move to the United Arab Emirates, experts consider the move an important political task. At the same time, an Arab political commentator says that this work by the Kurdistan Region can open the door to Arab politics and attract the attention of Arab countries.

"The visit of the President of the Kurdistan Region to the UAE was of great significance, it was at an important moment,when important political developments is taking placr in the Middle East. The Kurdistan Region's relations with the Arab world are of great political, economic and diplomatic importance, and since the arrival of President Nechirvan Barzani, these relations have seen great progress," Mohsen Awzullah said in a statement to the KDP's official website.

"The president of the Kurdistan Region has been able to gain great confidence in the Arab world, this is because the Kurdistan Region is an area tied to the security of the region, and this visit needs to be continued for other countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and many other countries," he added.

"The UAE has a wide political door to the Middle East where the president of the region has opened this door and from there he can enter the entire Arab home and the strong Arab countries, and the president of the region has the strongest political character who can do that," he concluded.