• Tuesday, 21 May 2024

Military Watch: new danger threatens Europe from Syria

Military Watch: new danger threatens Europe from Syria

The American magazine "Military Watch" revealed that there is a danger in Syria that has become a threat to NATO and Europe in general.

The magazine added, in a new report, that Russia’s deployment of a long-range missile system at its Khmeimim Airbase, on the Syrian coast, provides it with opportunities to strike sites in most European regions.

"Russia has deployed longer ranged weapons systems which provide it with options to strike targets across Europe from NATO’s more vulnerable southern flank," the magazine wrote.

"The deployment of the MiG-31K closely follows the deployments of a joint British and American carrier strike group to the Eastern Mediterranean not far from Syria’s coast, and comes amid a spike in tensions between Moscow and London," the magazine added.

"The deployment may be intended to familiarise personnel with operating Foxhounds from the airbase, with more MiG-31s intended to follow, and could in the long term potentially also familiarise the Syrians with operating the advanced combat jets which may eventually be chosen to replace the ageing MiG-25 Foxbats that currently form their air force's elite," the magazine concluded.

The "Kinzhal" missile is one of the latest Russian ballistic missiles, it is launched from the air, and it has a high speed "hypersonic". It was revealed in early March of the year 2018, by Russian President "Vladimir Putin, with a range of 2,000 km, launched by aircraft, MiG-31K.