• Monday, 27 March 2023

Kurdistan Region's Peshmerga Hospital provides free care

Gulan Media January 26, 2023 News
Kurdistan Region's Peshmerga Hospital provides free care

Improving the health sector and building modern care facilities to provide better services to the citizens is one of the Kurdistan Region Government’s ninth cabinet agenda.

Peshmerga Hospital is a state-owned medical facility dedicated to Peshmerga forces, their family members, and the family of martyrs. The project of the hospital, which offers services for free, first began in 2019 under the assistance and provision of the Kurdistan Region Government. The new facility was opened on March 1st, 2021.

Dr. Dana Ahmad, Manager of Peshmerga Hospital in Erbil told the official website of the Kurdistan Region Government: “we provide free care including free surgeries to all patients visiting our facility.”

In this hospital, there are 30 beds and 170 personnel available to welcome 60 patients on daily bases. Dr. Ahmad said: “The Ministry of Peshmerga supports us, and we plan to expand the project.”

Regarding the various departments available in Peshmerga Hospital, the Manager explained: “The facility includes internal, fracture, neurology, dental, X-ray, sonography, emergency, and intensive care units. We also operate surgeries.”

With the outbreak of COVID19 virus, Peshmerga Hospital was first among other Iraqi hospitals dedicated to the patients suffering from the pandemic. However, with lower incidents of coronavirus cases, the facility is once again dedicated to Peshmerga forces, their families and family of martyrs.