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A new hospital in Kurdistan provides free care

Gulan Media February 2, 2023 News
A new hospital in Kurdistan provides free care

Despite all the various crises, the Kurdistan Region Government’s ninth cabinet has been taking profound steps to improve the healthcare sector. The establishment of Emirates Ataya Hospital in Erbil, which provides free medical service, was part of the KRG’s plan to develop the care sector.

In three months, 853 patients visited Ataya hospital, and more than 100 babies were born there. The hospital has advanced medical technologies and 220 personnel who attend the center daily.

The hospital provides various services

Regarding Ataya’s different sections, Dr. Lana Talaat Director of the hospital told the Kurdistan Region Government’s official website: “The hospital’s departments are consultation, surgery, natural childbirth, hospitalization, premature infants, pharmacy, laboratory, X-ray, and sonography. The patients only pay a symbolic amount of money when filling out forms.”

853 patients visited Ataya in three months

Regarding the center’s medical treatments, Dr. Talaat said: “Only in the first three months after the hospital’s opening, 853 patients received care in Ataya and more than 100 babies were born here. Although the hospital’s opening has not been officially announced, most of its departments are already giving treatments to the citizens. So far, we recorded 65 natural childbirth cases and 48 surgical deliveries. Our 220 personnel use the most advanced technologies.”

The ninth cabinet assists healthcare sector

“Erbil Health Directorate and Ministry of Health help us with providing medicines and services,” the hospital’s director added, expressing their appreciation for the Kurdistan Region Government’s support. “The ninth cabinet supports the General Directorate of Health, Ministry of Health and hospitals; therefore, the healthcare sector has witnessed improvements.”

The Emirates Ataya hospital is a modern medical center founded by Erbil General Directorate of Health in collaboration with Red Crescent Society of the United Arab Emirates and received notable assistance from the Kurdistan Region Government.