• Wednesday, 19 June 2024

Kurdistan to increase agricultural exports to Europe

Kurdistan to increase agricultural exports to Europe

The Kurdistan Regional Government's ninth cabinet has set a goal to find new markets for local farmers' produce, including increased exports to Europe. A local factory in the Akre district, with support from the KRG, is involved in the packaging and transportation of domestic goods, which will bear the label "Made in Kurdistan" in European marketplaces.

The KRG is committed to assisting farmers with their problems and has issued permits for the establishment of local factories to export Kurdish produce.

Mahmoud Mohamad, a Kurdish farmer who sends his produce to the factory, is excited that his goods will be exported beyond Kurdistan. He believes that finding new markets will not only benefit him, but all other Kurdish farmers as well.

Several companies are already exporting domestic goods. Factory owner Aras Hamid explains that exporting produce abroad has been a catalyst in raising their value, which ultimately benefits the farmers. In addition to pomegranates, the factory is also preparing to export rice, sumac and tahini to the Gulf states.

By facilitating the export of local produce, the KRG is helping to support Kurdish farmers and promote their products to a wider audience.