• Wednesday, 19 June 2024

Kurdistan and UNICEF Announce "Barka Cooperative" Initiative to Combat Water Scarcity and Drought

Kurdistan and UNICEF Announce

In a joint effort between the Kurdistan Regional Government and UNICEF, a new initiative called the "Barka Cooperative" has been announced to combat water scarcity and drought in the region. The initiative seeks to provide financial and technical support for the construction of reservoirs that collect rainwater in villages across Kurdistan.

In total, the government has approved the construction of 41 reservoirs and will build nine of these using public-private partnerships. The project seeks to reduce the risk of devastating floods and, instead, provide a vital source of water for the agricultural and tourism sectors.

According to a survey by the General Directorate of Water Resources, around 800 villages are at risk of experiencing water scarcity and population displacement. The construction of these reservoirs will significantly reduce the risk and ensure long-term water resources for rural areas.

The "Barka Cooperative" project will involve collaboration with local villagers and farmers and will follow the Reservoir Instructions (2022) to ensure that the work is done for the public good. The government has already taken steps to improve Kurdistan's water infrastructure to combat climate change. It has successfully ensured water resources for villages, revived groundwater by building reservoirs, and returned surface water to groundwater while banning unauthorized drilling of wells.

The "Barka Cooperative" initiative is expected to have significant positive impacts on Kurdistan's agricultural and tourism sectors, providing a sustainable solution to the problem of water scarcity and drought in the region.