• Wednesday, 07 June 2023

President Masoud Barzani Affirms Kurdistan's Interests as Top Priority in Gulan Revolution Anniversary Speech

President Masoud Barzani Affirms Kurdistan's Interests as Top Priority in Gulan Revolution Anniversary Speech

In a commemorative event held in the Balakayati area of Soran, President Masoud Barzani delivered a speech today, emphasizing the paramount importance of Kurdistan's interests above all other considerations.

The event marked the 47th anniversary of the Gulan Revolution, and President Barzani extended his congratulations to the people of Kurdistan, recognizing the sacrifices and resilience of the Kurdish community.

The Balakayati region, known as the land of martyrs, holds great significance in the struggle for independence. President Barzani acknowledged the area's history of sacrifices, enduring enemy bombardment, and sheltering numerous Peshmerga forces and displaced individuals. He further highlighted the pivotal role played by the region in the Gulan Revolution as the launching point for the spark of rebellion, and as the home of the first martyr, Said Abdullah.

President Barzani praised the Gulan Revolution as the most critical phase in the Kurdish liberation movement, stating that it symbolized the unwavering will and determination of every Kurdish individual, despite conspiracies, threats, and formidable obstacles. The revolution's defiance of dictatorships and enemies shattered their hopes, leaving them with nothing but defeat and humiliation.

Expressing his commitment to the welfare of Kurdistan, President Barzani emphasized that the region's interests supersede all other considerations. He called upon Kurdish political parties to set aside their differences and work together in a spirit of nationalism and fraternity to address the challenges facing the Kurdish people.

Concluding his speech, President Barzani extended heartfelt gratitude to the martyrs of the Gulan Revolution, as well as to all Kurdish martyrs who have etched their people's history through their blood, serving as examples of resilience, valor, and honor.

The president's address resonated with the attendees, underscoring the significance of unity and a shared vision for the future. The occasion provided an opportunity to reflect on the struggles faced by Kurdistan and reaffirm the commitment to advancing the region's interests.

As Kurdistan commemorates the anniversary of the Gulan Revolution, President Masoud Barzani's speech serves as a reminder of the ongoing dedication to the Kurdish cause and the importance of prioritizing Kurdistan's interests in shaping a prosperous future for the region.