• Wednesday, 07 June 2023

Masrour Barzani Commemorates Gulan Revolution Anniversary

Masrour Barzani Commemorates Gulan Revolution Anniversary

In a heartfelt tribute, Masrour Barzani, the Vice President of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), commemorated the anniversary of the Gulan Revolution. His message of congratulations extended to President Barzani, the heroic Peshmergas, all fighters and participants of the revolution, and the people of Kurdistan, acknowledging their unwavering dedication and sacrifice.

As the Vice President addressed the significance of the Gulan Revolution, he emphasized its alignment with the national goals and vision of the late Barzani's Great Eylul Revolution. Despite challenging circumstances, the revolution swiftly emerged as a symbol of hope for Kurdistan. Through political and military victories, it showcased countless tales of heroism, resilience, and steadfast resistance, effectively amplifying the Kurdish people's ongoing struggle for their existence, identity, and legitimate rights on the global stage.

Vice President Masrour Barzani highlighted one of the Gulan Revolution's most notable achievements: the establishment of national reconciliation, unity, and solidarity among Kurdish forces and parties. This unity ultimately contributed to the triumph of the Kurdish people's mass uprising in March 1991 and paved the way for legitimate constitutional institutions safeguarding their rights.

As the 47th anniversary of the Gulan Revolution was observed, Vice President Barzani called upon all to honor the indomitable spirit of the valiant Peshmergas and participants of the revolution. Additionally, he paid tribute to the memory of Idris Barzani, a martyr who made the ultimate sacrifice in the pursuit of Kurdish aspirations.

The commemoration also provided an occasion to express heartfelt condolences to the souls of the martyrs of the Gulan Revolution and all the martyrs of Kurdistan. Their profound sacrifice and unwavering commitment to the Kurdish cause were acknowledged with deep respect and gratitude.

Vice President Masrour Barzani's remarks resounded with the Kurdish population, reaffirming their collective strength and determination to safeguard their existence, preserve their identity, and secure their legitimate rights. The anniversary of the Gulan Revolution served as a unifying force, reigniting hope for a brighter future founded on principles of justice, equality, and self-determination.

As the commemorative event drew to a close, the Kurdish people remained resolute, pledging to carry forward the legacy of the Gulan Revolution. Inspired by the courage and sacrifices of their predecessors, they resolved to continue their steadfast pursuit of a better future.