• Friday, 01 December 2023

Kurdistan Region Expresses Deep Concern Over Changes to Iraqi Budget Draft and Reaffirms Commitment to Constitution

Kurdistan Region Expresses Deep Concern Over Changes to Iraqi Budget Draft and Reaffirms Commitment to Constitution

Erbil, Kurdistan Region - The President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, expressed deep concern regarding the changes introduced to the passages of the Iraqi budget draft that pertain to the constitutional rights of the Kurdistan Region.

In a statement released on Friday, Barzani categorically rejected these changes, emphasizing their potential to obstruct the approval of the budget draft covering the next three fiscal years, which is eagerly anticipated by all Iraqis.

Barzani stressed that the foundation of political peace and stability in Iraq lies in adhering to the political agreement of the State Administration Coalition. Any breach of understandings and agreements, as well as attempts to violate the constitutional rights of the Kurdistan Region, is viewed as contradictory to national responsibility and will only lead to disappointment, political destabilization, and harm to the entire country.

Drawing from past experiences, Barzani underscored that ruling with the logic of power and disregarding the rights and entitlements of Iraqi communities has never brought about peace and stability in the country. Therefore, he called upon all parties, especially those within the State Administration Coalition, to remain committed to the agreements, emphasizing the collective need for responsible action. Furthermore, Barzani urged Kurdistani parties to unite in defense of their constitutional rights.

Reiterating the Kurdistan Region's commitment to resolving all issues in accordance with the Constitution, Barzani highlighted the positive experiences of the past few months, including the understanding and solidarity among Iraqi forces and parties, as well as the successful implementation of the agreement to form the federal government. He emphasized the joy that this brought to the Iraqi people and their allies, emphasizing the necessity of moving forward in the same direction, avoiding misapplications of agreements, and preventing further complications.

The statement by President Nechirvan Barzani signals the Kurdistan Region's unwavering stance on protecting its constitutional rights and the importance of upholding agreements for the benefit of all Iraqis. As the situation continues to develop, it remains essential for all parties to engage in constructive dialogue and find mutually acceptable solutions that preserve the stability and unity of Iraq.