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Kurdistan Launches National Training Program to Revolutionize Agriculture and Empower Farmers

Gulan Media July 14, 2023 News
Kurdistan Launches National Training Program to Revolutionize Agriculture and Empower Farmers

In a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources and the Office of the Prime Minister, a groundbreaking initiative was launched on Thursday to support the agricultural sector in Kurdistan. The primary objectives of this program are to diversify income, promote domestic production, market farmers' products, and enhance the overall quality of agricultural output.

Under the project, which is titled the National Training Strategy for Farmers, specialized guidance and skills training are being provided to horticultural and fruit farmers. The focus of the training is to equip them with the knowledge and techniques necessary to adapt to changing climates, adopt organic farming methods, effectively organize gardens, and leverage advanced agricultural technologies.

To ensure the successful implementation of this initiative, the Kurdistan Region is collaborating with experts from the Ministry of Higher Education, as well as receiving valuable assistance from renowned Dutch company Kabi and the advanced laboratory Lux Agency. Together, they aim to train 1,000 farmers throughout the region. The first phase of the project has already seen the recognition of 12 exceptional agricultural trainers who have displayed remarkable performance.

The comprehensive training program encompasses farmers and employees across all regions of Kurdistan. In each area, eight employees will be selected to undergo training, subsequently becoming trainers themselves. These trainers will then provide guidance and support to approximately 20-25 farmers within their respective areas. The training will cover a wide range of topics, including crop selection, best farming practices, laboratory techniques, and advanced planting and irrigation systems.

Specific emphasis is being placed on the production of pomegranates, apples, and strawberries, with comprehensive guidelines being developed to optimize the cultivation and harvesting processes. By the end of August, it is anticipated that 1,000 farmers will have been successfully guided, enabling them to leverage the latest information, technologies, and production methods, resulting in increased productivity and reduced production costs.

This concerted effort to train and raise awareness among farmers regarding agricultural production and marketing is a significant step towards the economic diversification of Kurdistan. The ninth cabinet has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to advancing the agricultural sector, aiming to transform it into a resilient and dynamic pillar of the region's economy.

As the National Training Strategy for Farmers unfolds, it holds the potential to revolutionize the agricultural landscape of Kurdistan, empowering farmers and fostering sustainable growth in the industry.