• Friday, 01 December 2023

Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Forms Committee to Address Protestors' Demands in Kifri District

Gulan Media July 16, 2023 News
Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Forms Committee to Address Protestors' Demands in Kifri District

Kifri, Kurdistan Region - In response to ongoing protests in the Kifri district, Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani has announced the formation of an ad hoc committee to address the demands put forth by the protestors. The committee, composed of members from the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Interior, aims to facilitate better service provision and address issues related to employment among other concerns.

Expressing his awareness of the demands, Prime Minister Barzani took to Twitter to communicate directly with the protestors, stating, "I have received your demands and I am aware of them." He further assured the residents of Kifri that their concerns would be thoroughly examined and promised to extend his support by stating, "I will stand by you in a Garmiyani spirit," referencing the resilient nature of the people from the Garmiyan area.

The protests in Kifri, which have been ongoing for five consecutive days, primarily center around the district's large youth population seeking employment opportunities and improved service provision. The residents of Kifri, situated in the Garmiyan Administration, have been vocal in expressing their grievances and advocating for positive change.

Prime Minister Barzani's decision to establish a dedicated committee comprising representatives from various governmental bodies demonstrates the government's commitment to addressing the concerns raised by the protestors. The committee's mandate will include an in-depth examination of the demands put forth, paving the way for potential solutions and initiatives to enhance service provision and address the pressing issue of unemployment among the youth in the district.

In his tweet, Prime Minister Barzani also expressed his respect and greetings for the citizens of Kifri, further emphasizing his dedication to serving them. The formation of the committee underscores the government's willingness to engage with the demands of the protestors and work towards finding sustainable solutions.

As the committee prepares to commence its work, the residents of Kifri and the broader Garmiyan region eagerly anticipate the implementation of positive changes that will cater to their needs and improve their quality of life.