• Friday, 01 December 2023

Kurdish Delegation Meets Federal Government's Committee on Budget Law Implementation

Gulan Media July 17, 2023 News
Kurdish Delegation Meets Federal Government's Committee on Budget Law Implementation

In a significant development aimed at resolving financial issues between the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the federal government, a delegation from the KRG met with the federal government's High-Level Committee on Budget Law Implementation in Baghdad on Monday.

The meeting focused on discussing the allocation of Erbil's share of the budget and reviewing federal guidelines for implementing the budget law, which covers the country's expenditure for the next three years.

Heading the Kurdistan Region's delegation was Omed Sabah, the Head of Diwan of KRG Council of Ministers, while the federal delegation was led by the Iraqi prime minister's senior advisor for economic affairs. The purpose of the meeting was to finalize the federal guidelines on enforcing the budget law, a crucial step for both Erbil and Baghdad in order to proceed with their respective cabinet agendas and ensure the timely payment of public sector salaries.

The discussions between the two sides aimed to address the financial entitlements of the Kurdistan Region and find common ground on the implementation of the budget law. This meeting signifies a positive step toward resolving the longstanding disagreements between the KRG and the federal government regarding financial matters.

Both Erbil and Baghdad have been eagerly anticipating the completion of the budget law implementation guidelines, as it holds the key to ensuring the smooth functioning of public services and the payment of salaries to public sector employees. The successful conclusion of this meeting will pave the way for the fulfillment of these crucial obligations.

The KRG delegation's visit to Baghdad demonstrates a willingness on both sides to engage in constructive dialogue and work toward resolving financial issues through diplomatic channels. The ongoing discussions signify the commitment of the KRG and the federal government to finding mutually beneficial solutions and fostering cooperation for the overall stability and prosperity of the country.

As the negotiations progress, it is expected that further updates regarding the outcomes of the meeting and the subsequent steps taken by both parties will be provided. The resolution of financial disputes between the KRG and the federal government will not only enhance economic stability but also contribute to the harmonious functioning of Iraq as a whole.