• Thursday, 30 November 2023

Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Congratulates Kurdistan Islamic Scholars Union on 53rd Anniversary

Gulan Media September 21, 2023 News
Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Congratulates Kurdistan Islamic Scholars Union on 53rd Anniversary

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani extended his heartfelt congratulations to the Kurdistan Islamic Scholars Union on the occasion of its 53rd founding anniversary. In a statement released on Thursday, Prime Minister Barzani praised the union's contributions to promoting a culture of tolerance and peaceful coexistence among the diverse communities within Kurdistan.

Prime Minister Barzani's statement conveyed his warmest wishes to the president and members of the Kurdistan Islamic Scholars Union, as well as to all Islamic scholars associated with the organization. He underscored the vital role played by the union in nurturing an environment of harmony and mutual respect among the various religious and ethnic groups residing in the Kurdistan Region.

The Kurdish leader expressed his hope that the Kurdistan Islamic Scholars Union would persist in its sacred mission of advancing the values of tolerance and peaceful coexistence, principles that are fundamental to the Kurdistan Region's social fabric.

Moreover, Prime Minister Barzani called upon the Islamic Scholars Union to remain steadfast in their efforts to counter extremist ideologies, safeguard social harmony, uphold the national interests of the Kurdish people, and protect their just rights within the Kurdistan Region.

The Kurdistan Islamic Scholars Union, founded 53 years ago, has consistently played an essential role in fostering dialogue, understanding, and cooperation among the diverse religious communities present in the Kurdistan Region. Prime Minister Barzani's message reflects the Region's commitment to maintaining an inclusive and harmonious society, emphasizing the significance of religious scholars in this endeavor.

As the Kurdistan Islamic Scholars Union marks its 53rd anniversary, the region continues to value and celebrate its contributions to the cultural and social tapestry of Kurdistan, promoting unity, peace, and the protection of fundamental rights.