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China and Syria Forge Strategic Partnership Amid Diplomatic Meetings and Upcoming Asian Games

Gulan Media September 23, 2023 News
China and Syria Forge Strategic Partnership Amid Diplomatic Meetings and Upcoming Asian Games

Xi Jinping Meets President Bashar Assad, Extends Support Amidst Changing Global Dynamics

In a significant diplomatic move, China and Syria officially announced the establishment of a strategic partnership on Friday. This announcement came as Chinese leader Xi Jinping commenced a series of diplomatic engagements in anticipation of the upcoming Asian Games.

President Xi Jinping held a pivotal meeting with Syrian President Bashar Assad in the vibrant southern Chinese city of Hangzhou, which is currently the host city for the 15-day sports competition.

Amidst the backdrop of a global landscape marked by instability and uncertainty, President Xi expressed China's commitment to collaborating closely with Syria. He affirmed, "In the face of the unstable and uncertain international situation, China is willing to work with Syria to firmly support each other ... and jointly safeguard international fairness and justice." His statement was conveyed in a video clip shared online by state broadcaster CCTV.

This visit by Assad bears certain parallels to that of Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit last year during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Both leaders find themselves isolated in Western diplomatic circles but have received warm receptions in China, which seeks to broaden its global influence and present an alternative to the U.S.-led international order.

The burgeoning partnership between China and Syria holds significant implications for regional and international geopolitics. As both nations seek to strengthen their diplomatic ties and expand cooperation, the world watches closely to discern how this strategic alliance will influence the evolving global landscape.