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High-Ranking ISIS Leader Captured in Kirkuk, Iraq; Nine Suspected Members Detained

Gulan Media September 26, 2023 News
High-Ranking ISIS Leader Captured in Kirkuk, Iraq; Nine Suspected Members Detained

Iraqi security forces achieved a significant victory on Monday as they successfully apprehended a senior leader of the Islamic State (ISIS) within the disputed Kurdish province of Kirkuk. The captured commander, who goes by the alias Abu Bakhari, held a prominent role as the head of the notorious "Foreign Battalion" operating within the ranks of ISIS.

The operation, marked by its precision and meticulous execution, was carried out jointly by the Counter-Terrorism Service and Kurdish security forces. It culminated in the capture of Abu Bakhari, delivering a severe blow to the terrorist organization's operations in the region.

The Security Media Cell, which oversees security-related communications, confirmed the operation's success and highlighted its importance in dismantling the ISIS network. Abu Bakhari's arrest underscores the unwavering commitment of Iraqi security forces to combat terrorism and protect the nation from extremist threats.

In a parallel development, the Directorate of Military Intelligence disclosed the capture of nine individuals suspected to have affiliations with ISIS in Iraq's Anbar and Nineveh provinces. These individuals were apprehended in the Ramadi and Mosul districts, reflecting the government's relentless efforts to eradicate ISIS remnants from the country.

The successful capture of these suspects can be attributed to painstaking intelligence work carried out by the Directorate of Military Intelligence. The detainees have been transferred to appropriate authorities for further investigation and legal proceedings.

Simultaneously, the Iraqi Ministry of Defense announced its latest efforts in the fight against ISIS. During an armed reconnaissance and search operation led by Salahaddin province's operations command, two hideouts belonging to ISIS militants were discovered and subsequently destroyed. This operation demonstrates the ongoing commitment of Iraqi security forces to rooting out terrorist elements and ensuring the safety and security of the nation.

The collective efforts of Iraqi security forces, as evidenced by these recent successes, serve as a testament to the nation's determination to confront and neutralize the threat posed by ISIS. The government remains resolute in its commitment to safeguarding Iraq and its citizens from extremism and terrorism.