• Thursday, 30 November 2023

Iran Denies Lack of Medical Care Led to Death of Detainee at Evin Prison

Gulan Media September 26, 2023 News
Iran Denies Lack of Medical Care Led to Death of Detainee at Evin Prison

Authorities refute claims of negligence in medical treatment for 60-year-old detainee, while questions arise about his nationality

Iranian authorities have dismissed allegations that a man died at Tehran's notorious Evin prison on Saturday due to inadequate medical care. The deceased has been identified as 60-year-old Faramarz Javidzad, whose nationality remains a subject of debate.

A source informed BBC Persian that Mr. Javidzad was initially taken to the hospital after suffering from stomach bleeding but was later returned to Evin prison. Officials stated that they declined to transfer him from the prison clinic, even after his blood pressure severely dropped on Friday.

While initial reports identified Faramarz Javidzad as an American-Iranian dual national, the U.S. government denied his American citizenship. State Department spokesman Matthew Miller clarified, "We have no records to indicate as well that he was a lawful permanent resident. I will say, however, we are still alarmed by the reports that he was denied medical care by Iranian authorities... while he was in their custody."

This incident follows closely on the heels of Iran's release of five American-Iranians as part of a prisoner swap just a week ago.

According to Iran's judiciary-affiliated Mizan news agency, Mr. Javidzad had been held at Evin prison for two months on various financial charges. They reported that he had received medical treatment for digestive problems five times during his detention. Recently, he underwent a stomach operation and was discharged from the hospital upon his own request.

The prisons department claimed that Mr. Javidzad was immediately transferred to the hospital when his condition worsened on Saturday, where medical staff administered CPR. Regrettably, his life could not be saved, they added.

However, an anonymous source who spoke to BBC Persian's Ali Kheradpir contradicted this account. The source stated that Mr. Javidzad had been put on a drip at the prison's clinic on Friday after his blood pressure dropped, even though a judge had authorized his transfer to the hospital. On that fateful night, a nurse allegedly informed him that they were "sleepy" and removed the drip. On Saturday, Mr. Javidzad's condition deteriorated, and he passed away while awaiting transfer to the hospital, the source asserted.

As questions persist regarding the circumstances surrounding Mr. Javidzad's death and his nationality, this incident further highlights concerns over the treatment of detainees in Iranian prisons.