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Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Condemns Terrorist Attack in Ankara

Gulan Media October 1, 2023 News
Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Condemns Terrorist Attack in Ankara

In a swift and unequivocal response to the recent terrorist attack near the General Directorate of Security in Ankara, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has issued a statement condemning the act of violence and reaffirming its unwavering stance against terrorism and extremism.

The KRG's official spokesperson, Peshawa Hawramany, made the government's position clear in the wake of the attack. The KRG, which represents the autonomous region of Kurdistan in northern Iraq, expressed its deep concern and condemnation of the terrorist incident that took place in the Turkish capital.

The statement by the KRG highlights the urgent need for enhanced international cooperation and coordination to combat terrorism and the spread of terrorist ideologies worldwide, with a primary focus on preventing such incidents and curtailing the activities of terrorist organizations.

The attack in question occurred in the early hours of Sunday, targeting the Ministry of Interior in Ankara. According to Turkish authorities, two terrorists arrived at the scene in a light military vehicle at approximately 9:30 a.m. local time. They carried out a bomb attack near the entrance gate of the General Directorate of Security within the Ministry of the Interior.

Tragically, one of the attackers detonated an explosive device, while the other was subsequently neutralized by security forces. The explosion was followed by gunfire in the vicinity, heightening the sense of chaos and urgency.

Ali Yerlikaya, a government spokesperson, confirmed that the attack had resulted in two injuries among security forces. The injured officers are currently receiving medical attention, and the authorities are investigating the incident to gather further information about the attackers and their motives.

The Kurdistan Regional Government's strong condemnation of this terrorist act underscores the pressing need for international unity in the fight against terrorism. As the global community grapples with ongoing threats, such collaborative efforts are seen as essential to ensuring the safety and security of nations around the world.