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Kurdistan Region's Erbil and Sulaimani Provinces Commemorate Mahatma Gandhi's 154th Birthday

Gulan Media October 2, 2023 News
Kurdistan Region's Erbil and Sulaimani Provinces Commemorate Mahatma Gandhi's 154th Birthday

Erbil and Sulaimani pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, strengthening ties with India

Erbil, Kurdistan Region - On Monday, the provinces of Erbil and Sulaimani in the Kurdistan Region celebrated the 154th birthday of India's iconic national figure, Mahatma Gandhi. The event, marked with reverence and cultural exchange, showcased the enduring friendship between Kurdistan Region and India.

In Erbil, Governor Omed Khoshnaw presided over a touching floral tribute to Mahatma Gandhi's bust at the serene Sami Abdul Rahman Park. He was joined by Madan Gopal, the Indian Consul General in Erbil. To add musical harmony to the occasion, an Indian music group named "Taal Yatra Group" graced the celebration with renditions of Mahatma Gandhi's favorite bhajans (songs). Governor Khoshnaw conveyed his congratulations to the people, government, and diplomatic mission of India on this significant national occasion.

"The Mahatma Gandhi's bust bears a significant meaning and is indicative of the robust relations between Kurdistan Region and India," Governor Khoshnaw emphasized during the event. The bust of Gandhi had been installed at Sami Abdul Rahman Park on September 17, 2019, as a symbol of enduring friendship.

Similarly, Sulaimani Governor Haval Abubakir, accompanied by Indian Consul Rajat Ghosh, marked the national celebration at Hawari Shar Park in Sulaimani. They, too, paid their respects by offering a floral tribute to Mahatma Gandhi's bust.

Mahatma Gandhi, born Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, is celebrated worldwide for his advocacy of non-violence and peace. In August 1942, he launched the "Quit India" movement, calling for a peaceful end to British colonial rule in India. His unwavering commitment to non-violence inspired generations and eventually led to India gaining independence from British colonial rule. Tragically, Gandhi was assassinated on January 30, 1948, but his legacy of non-violence lives on.

Today, October 2nd, is celebrated annually as Gandhi's birthday in India and is one of the country's three national holidays. It also holds global significance as the International Day of Non-Violence, recognized by the United Nations, honoring Gandhi's enduring philosophy of non-violence and peace.

The commemoration of Mahatma Gandhi's birthday in Erbil and Sulaimani not only pays homage to a global icon but also strengthens the bond of friendship between Kurdistan Region and India, rooted in shared values of peace and non-violence.