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Kurdish Teen Assaulted by Iran's Morality Police Declared "Brain Dead"

Gulan Media October 23, 2023 News
Kurdish Teen Assaulted by Iran's Morality Police Declared

In a tragic turn of events, Armita Garawand, a 16-year-old Kurdish adolescent who was subjected to physical assault by Iran's morality police for violating the country's dress codes, has been declared "brain dead" according to a rights group. The news comes as a harrowing reminder of the perils faced by those who challenge the strict dress regulations in Iran.

Bahman Garawand, the father of Armita, revealed the heartbreaking news, stating that doctors had informed the family that there was no hope of reversing her condition. He shared the dire update with the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, underscoring the grim prognosis. Armita Garawand, originally from the Kurdish city of Kermanshah and residing in Tehran, was en route to school when the incident occurred.

Iranian state media has also corroborated reports of Armita being "brain dead." State media sources, including The Telegraph, confirmed on Sunday that medical staff's efforts to reverse her condition had been in vain. This devastating development raises questions about the repercussions of enforcing strict dress codes and the use of physical force by the morality police.

Armita Garawand currently remains in a comatose state at a hospital in Tehran. Iranian state media suggests that her condition resulted from fainting, attributing it to skipping breakfast and experiencing low blood pressure. These claims have stirred controversy and raised concerns about the transparency of information surrounding the incident.

This incident is reminiscent of the tragic passing of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish woman, who lost her life while in the custody of the morality police in Iran in September of the previous year. Amini's untimely death sparked widespread public protests across Iran, with citizens demanding comprehensive economic, social, and political reforms within the nation. These incidents continue to draw international attention to the human rights situation in Iran and the need for greater protections for individuals who challenge the established norms.