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Iraqi Prime Minister Meets Iranian President in Tehran, Discusses Regional Issues

Gulan Media November 6, 2023 News
Iraqi Prime Minister Meets Iranian President in Tehran, Discusses Regional Issues

Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia' al-Sudani's visit to Iran resulted in discussions with Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi at the Sa'dabad palace. The meeting showcased the strong relationship between the two nations, emphasizing their cooperation on various fronts.

During a joint press conference, President Raeisi praised Iraq's unwavering support for the Palestinian cause. The Iranian President also commended the progress in Iraq-Iran relations and highlighted the implementation of a security agreement between the two countries. This agreement has successfully addressed border issues, reducing tensions in these areas.

Iraqi Prime Minister Sudani reciprocated President Raeisi's sentiments, reiterating Iraq's steadfast commitment to the Palestinian issue and the Palestinian people's quest for independence, with Jerusalem as their capital.

Moreover, PM Sudani emphasized the growing and expansive nature of Iraq-Iran relations, which he believes will be mutually beneficial for both nations and the broader Muslim community. Following his visit to Iran, PM Sudani is expected to embark on a regional tour, visiting Arab Gulf countries to discuss developments in Gaza. This signifies Iraq's proactive role in addressing regional issues and promoting peace.

The visit and discussions between the leaders of Iraq and Iran have underscored their shared positions on key matters, reinforcing the bond between the two nations and their commitment to regional stability and cooperation.