• Friday, 08 December 2023

Kurdistan Regional Government Prime Minister Addresses Existential Challenges at Middle East Security Forum

Gulan Media November 20, 2023 News
Kurdistan Regional Government Prime Minister Addresses Existential Challenges at Middle East Security Forum

Duhok, Kurdistan Region: Prime Minister Masrour Barzani of the Kurdistan Regional Government delivered a compelling opening speech at the Fourth Forum on Peace and Security in the Middle East, hosted by the American University in Kurdistan in Duhok on Monday. The Prime Minister underscored the region's facing of existential challenges that demand bold and collective solutions.

Key Points from the Prime Minister's Address:

Climate Change Threat: Barzani emphasized the immediate threat posed by climate change to food and water security, highlighting the urgent need for collaborative efforts to mitigate its impacts.

Palestinian and Kurdish Issues: In a significant statement, the Prime Minister drew parallels between the Palestinian and Kurdish issues, asserting that both require equal rights and dignity. He called for a just resolution and expressed his apprehension over recent developments in Iraq.

Constitutional Violations and Stability Concerns: Barzani pointed out the repeated violations of the constitution in the region, emphasizing that such actions jeopardize stability and could lead to a resurgence of sectarian tensions.

Unilateral Decisions and Corruption: The Prime Minister criticized the trend of unilateral decisions and the monopolization of government institutions, identifying them as factors intensifying the challenges of corruption.

Call for Collective Action: Barzani urged the international community to work towards peaceful solutions to conflicts in the Middle East. He stressed the importance of addressing challenges collectively and fostering a new approach to coexistence, built on respect and inclusivity.

Concerns Over Iraq: Expressing concern about recent developments in Iraq, Barzani called for comprehensive governance and the resolution of longstanding issues in the region. He invited the global community to witness the economic progress and peaceful coexistence in Kurdistan.

As the forum commenced, the Prime Minister encouraged participants to utilize collective wisdom, fostering innovative ideas and practical solutions. The event aims to provide a platform for discussions that can contribute to the resolution of pressing issues in the Middle East.