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Turkish Forces Annihilate 17 PKK Targets in Northern Iraq in Ongoing Counter-Terror Operations

Gulan Media November 25, 2023 News
Turkish Forces Annihilate 17 PKK Targets in Northern Iraq in Ongoing Counter-Terror Operations

Turkey's National Defense Ministry has announced a significant military success in its ongoing efforts against the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), stating that Turkish security forces have successfully destroyed 17 targets of the outlawed group in the Kurdistan Region.

According to state media Anadolu Agency, the Turkish Defense Ministry reported on Friday that air operations were conducted in various regions, including Gara, Metina, Hakurk, and Qandil, with the aim of neutralizing members of the PKK/KCK terror group and other terrorist elements. The operations also targeted caves, bunkers, shelters, and warehouses believed to house leaders of the terror organization.

The statement emphasized that the operations were conducted to eliminate the potential threat of terrorist attacks against Turkey and its security forces originating from northern Iraq and to bolster border security. The term "neutralize" was used in the statement to imply actions such as killing or arresting in the context of Turkey's military operations against the PKK.

The Defense Ministry further detailed that a significant number of terrorists were neutralized during the operations, underlining the effectiveness of the targeted strikes against the PKK's infrastructure in the region.

The conflict between Turkey and the PKK, spanning several decades, has had profound repercussions on daily life in the Kurdistan Region. Civilian casualties, village displacements, and the abandonment of mountain resorts and arable land have been among the consequences of the prolonged conflict.

This recent military operation follows Turkey's claim last week that their forces had "neutralized" at least 10 PKK fighters in different locations within the Kurdistan Region. The intensified military efforts come in the wake of a suicide attack on Ankara's national police headquarters in early October, for which the PKK claimed responsibility. The Turkish government's response underscores its commitment to addressing the security challenges posed by the PKK and ensuring the safety of its citizens.