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Iraqi Prime Minister Reaffirms Commitment to Protect Foreign Military Advisors Amid Regional Tensions

Gulan Media November 28, 2023 News
Iraqi Prime Minister Reaffirms Commitment to Protect Foreign Military Advisors Amid Regional Tensions

Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia' al-Sudani has restated his government's unwavering commitment to safeguarding foreign military advisors within the country, emphasizing Iraq's rejection of any violation of its sovereignty amid rising regional tensions. The reassurance came during a phone call received by the Prime Minister from British Foreign Secretary David Cameron on Monday.

Sudani asserted, "The Prime Minister emphasized the Iraqi government's dedication to safeguarding military advisors within Iraqi borders, reaffirming Iraq's refusal of any infringement on its sovereignty under any circumstances." The conversation delved into the security and political landscape of the region, with a specific focus on developments in the Palestinian issue. Both leaders underscored the significance of maintaining a truce, working towards halting aggression, and preventing any further escalation of conflict.

In response, British Foreign Secretary Cameron expressed the British government's keenness to strengthen bilateral relations with Iraq. He highlighted the mutual benefits of broadening cooperation and pledged support for stability efforts in the region. Cameron emphasized the need for collaborative efforts to foster a secure and stable environment.

The phone call transpired against a backdrop of heightened tensions in the region. Since early October, a series of attacks, numbering at least 60, have targeted U.S. and Coalition bases in Iraq and Syria. These attacks have resulted in nearly 60 injuries to military personnel. Washington has attributed these incidents to militia groups with alleged ties to Iran, prompting recent U.S. airstrikes on facilities linked to Iran in both Iraq and Syria.

The reaffirmation of Iraq's commitment to protecting foreign military advisors signals a determination to ensure the safety and security of international personnel within its borders, even as the region navigates complex geopolitical challenges. The ongoing dialogue between Iraqi and British officials reflects a shared concern for regional stability and a commitment to diplomatic solutions amid escalating tensions.