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Celebratory Gunfire by PKK Causes Civilian Injuries in Northern Syria

Gulan Media November 28, 2023 News
Celebratory Gunfire by PKK Causes Civilian Injuries in Northern Syria

A number of civilians, including children, were injured on Sunday in Derbasiye, northern Syria, due to celebratory gunfire by Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) fighters. The festive gunfire, initially met with panic and fear among residents, resulted in injuries to four individuals, including children.

The injured were identified as Nasrin Mohammed Aziz, 9, Hussein Mustafa, 30, Lorin Ramazan Kalo, 29, and Mohammed Luay Tofiq, 18. Ambulances were swiftly dispatched to the scene to provide immediate medical assistance. Mohammed Luay Tofiq and Nasrin Aziz were transported to Qamishlo hospital, although the extent of their injuries remains unknown at this time.

The incident occurred as part of the celebration of the anniversary of the PKK's establishment, with Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters joining in the festivities. In various cities and towns across Syrian Kurdistan, or Rojava, SDF fighters marked the occasion with fireworks, contributing to the overall celebratory atmosphere.

While festivities are customary during significant events, the unintended consequences of celebratory gunfire highlight the risks posed to civilians. Local authorities and medical teams acted promptly to address the injuries, emphasizing the need for caution and responsible celebration to prevent harm to the community.

The incident underscores the delicate balance between celebrating important occasions and ensuring the safety of civilians in conflict-affected regions. As celebrations continue, there is a growing awareness of the importance of responsible practices to prevent such incidents and protect the well-being of the local population.