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Turkish Drone Attack Claims Civilian Life in Duhok Province

Gulan Media December 6, 2023 News
Turkish Drone Attack Claims Civilian Life in Duhok Province

In a tragic incident on Tuesday, an off-duty Peshmerga fighter lost his life and a shepherd was injured in a Turkish drone attack in the Bamarne subdistrict of Duhok province. The targeted location, a mere 250 kilometers away from the victim's residence, witnessed the drone strike around 7:00 am, near a populated area.

Ali Jamil, 44, succumbed to his injuries, while 23-year-old Matin Sadiq, a shepherd in the vicinity, is currently undergoing treatment at the Duhok Emergency Hospital. The attack occurred as Ali ventured into the area for reasons yet unknown, leaving his family and community shocked and grieving.

"We had guests. He was with us until 10:30 [last night]. After that, we went to his home. I do not know what happened next," expressed Jamil Kalash, Ali's father, highlighting the perplexity surrounding Ali's presence in the targeted area. Ali, survived by four children, leaves behind a grieving family.

The Turkish defense ministry claimed responsibility for the attack, stating that its air forces "neutralized" two alleged members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Duhok province. The term "neutralized" is used by Turkey to signify adversaries captured, wounded, or killed.

The PKK, considered a terrorist organization by Ankara, has been engaged in a prolonged conflict with the Turkish state. The conflict frequently spills over into the Kurdistan Region, where the PKK has its headquarters in the Qandil Mountains. This marks the first instance of the targeted location being hit by Turkish forces.

Residents reported being awakened by the sound of the bombardment, which occurred near an irrigation project under construction. Fortunately, workers had not yet commenced their activities when the attack took place.

Kamaran Osman, a member of the Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT), a human rights organization monitoring Turkey's operations in the Kurdistan Region, revealed that Ankara has allegedly killed 150 civilians and injured 228 others in the region since 2015. Despite the gravity of the situation, Kurdistan Region authorities have yet to issue an official statement regarding the Bamarne bombardment.

Clashes between the Turkish army and the PKK have escalated in the northern mountains of the Kurdistan Region over recent months, further contributing to the volatile situation in the area.