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Successful Seventh Oud Festival Celebrated in Erbil, Kurdistan Region

Gulan Media December 17, 2023 Arts
Successful Seventh Oud Festival Celebrated in Erbil, Kurdistan Region

In a vibrant celebration of cultural heritage, the seventh Oud Festival recently took place in Erbil, Kurdistan Region. The event featured the talent of 10 young musicians from across the region, who captivated the audience with their melodic performances.

Jangi Jalal, one of the organizers, expressed the festival's commitment to preserving Kurdish art, stating, “We have tried to preserve our art like other nations.” The festival aimed to serve as a platform for safeguarding Kurdish music and preventing the dilution of its identity by influences from Turkish, Persian, and Arabic musical traditions.

Halmat Ahmad, a participating musician, highlighted the significance of the event, stating, “This festival can be a way to preserve Kurdish music and avoid copying Turkish, Persian, and Arabic music.”

As a token of appreciation for the attendees who stayed until the end of the festival, ten oud instruments were distributed as prizes through a lottery. This gesture aimed to recognize and reward the audience's dedication to supporting and enjoying the cultural event.

Among the attendees was Chris Johanna, a tourist experiencing the Kurdistan Region for the first time. Expressing delight, Johanna remarked, “This is my first time in the Kurdistan Region, and I am here today to listen to Kurdish music. I enjoyed the outcomes very much, and they were very interesting.”

The oud, a traditional stringed instrument with a rich history, holds a significant place in various musical traditions across the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia. The Oud Festival not only showcased the musical prowess of the region but also served as a testament to the community's commitment to preserving its unique cultural heritage.