• Thursday, 13 June 2024

U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Condemns Iranian Missile Attacks on Erbil, Expresses Solidarity with Kurdish Leaders

Gulan Media January 18, 2024 News
U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Condemns Iranian Missile Attacks on Erbil, Expresses Solidarity with Kurdish Leaders

In the wake of the recent Iranian missile attacks on Erbil, U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Alina Romanowski made a visit to the Kurdistan Region to express unwavering support for the people of the Kurdistan Region (IKR). The visit included a meeting with senior leaders, including Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP) President Masoud Barzani, where they discussed the aftermath of the reckless and deadly attacks on civilians.

Ambassador Romanowski took to Twitter to announce her trip, stating, "I traveled to Erbil to show US support for the IKR after Iran’s reckless, deadly attacks against civilians here." She conveyed her solidarity with the Kurdish people and condemned the attacks carried out by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), emphasizing the unjustifiable nature of targeting civilian residences.

During the meeting with president Masoud Barzani, Romanowski reiterated the United States' steadfast support for the Kurdistan Region and engaged in discussions about an appropriate response to what she described as a clear violation of Iraqi sovereignty. The Ambassador expressed her sincere condolences to the families affected by the attacks, recognizing the tragic impact on innocent civilians.

In response, President Barzani appreciated the solidarity shown by the United States, emphasizing the Kurdish commitment to strong and friendly relations with neighboring countries based on mutual respect and agreement. He highlighted the injustice against the Kurdish people and the violation of Iraq's and the Kurdistan Region's sovereignty in the face of the Iranian missile strikes.

The meeting also touched upon the steps taken by the Iraqi federal government, including the arrival of a fact-finding committee to investigate the deadly attack on Erbil. Barzani commended the efforts of Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ al-Sudani in fulfilling constitutional obligations against the oppression of the Kurdish people.

Additionally, both sides exchanged views on the political and security situation in Iraq and the broader region, discussing the latest developments. The discussions emphasized the Kurdish stance, expressing a desire for friendly and strong relations with neighboring countries while rejecting unilateral decisions that compromise the sacred values of the Kurdish people.

The visit and subsequent discussions underscore the international concern over the recent attacks and the commitment to addressing the situation with diplomacy and cooperation among involved parties.