• Friday, 12 April 2024

Kurdistan Regional Government Prime Minister to Inaugurate Tuwaqut Bridge Project in Halabja

Gulan Media February 21, 2024 News
Kurdistan Regional Government Prime Minister to Inaugurate Tuwaqut Bridge Project in Halabja

Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Prime Minister Masrour Barzani is set to visit Halabja tomorrow to mark a significant milestone with the laying of the foundation stone for the Tuwaqut Bridge project, among other engagements aimed at bolstering regional development.

Halabja Governor Azad Tofiq has confirmed to Rudaw that Prime Minister Barzani will officiate the ceremony for the Tuwaqut bridge, marking the commencement of a vital infrastructure initiative. Additionally, he is expected to announce the issuance of Halabja license plates and inspect the ongoing expansion of the Rasan oil factory during his visit.

The Tuwaqut Bridge holds strategic importance as it will link Halabja province with the Garmian administration, facilitating smoother connectivity and enhancing regional accessibility. The Ministry of Reconstruction and Housing of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRG) issued a statement affirming the Council of Ministers' approval for the project, underscoring its significance in regional development.

Originally conceptualized in 2008, the Tuwaqut Bridge project faced delays in execution despite being designed and budgeted. However, recent developments indicate a renewed impetus towards its realization. The project was allocated funding anew in 2019 and 2021, with efforts intensifying in its implementation phase.

Notably, the project encountered setbacks in the past, including changes in contractors and delays in equipment mobilization. Despite these challenges, the commitment to its completion has remained steadfast.

The Tuwaqut Bridge, spanning approximately 300 to 350 meters, is allocated a budget of 31 billion dinars, reflecting its scale and importance in regional infrastructure development.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Barzani's visit to the Rasan Food Society underscores the government's focus on fostering private sector growth and economic prosperity. The expansion of the society is poised to benefit local farmers and 250 citizens, aligning with broader developmental objectives.

As Kurdistan prepares to witness the inauguration of the Tuwaqut Bridge project, it marks a significant stride towards enhancing connectivity and fostering socio-economic growth in the region. Prime Minister Barzani's visit symbolizes the government's unwavering commitment to advancing infrastructure development and empowering local communities.