• Wednesday, 17 April 2024

Asayish Arrests 30 ISIS Suspects Spreading Extremist Ideology in Sulaimani

Gulan Media February 23, 2024 News
Asayish Arrests 30 ISIS Suspects Spreading Extremist Ideology in Sulaimani

Sulaimani's Asayish forces have apprehended 30 individuals suspected of disseminating extremist ideas on social media platforms and planning to join ISIS. The arrests come after a 20-day surveillance operation in the Pishdar and Bitwen regions, revealing a network intending to recruit fighters for the terrorist group within Kurdistan.

In a recent statement, Sulaimani's Asayish forces disclosed the detention of 30 suspects allegedly involved in promoting ISIS's extremist ideology and planning to join the terrorist organization. The operation, which spanned over 20 days, was initiated following intelligence reports indicating the presence of two groups actively spreading radical sentiments on social media.

The suspects, whose identities remain undisclosed, were apprehended in large-scale operations conducted in December of the preceding year. Their intentions to leave Kurdistan to join ISIS were thwarted, as the group instructed them to stay within the region and propagate their extremist beliefs.

According to confessions aired on social media by the Asayish, the detained individuals viewed the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and its affiliates, including civil servants and religious figures, as non-believers. They purportedly deemed these entities as collaborators with government agencies, further fueling their allegiance to ISIS's extremist cause.

ISIS, although territorially defeated in 2017, continues to pose a threat through sporadic attacks, bombings, and abductions across various provinces in Iraq. The arrests in Sulaimani mark another significant effort in the ongoing battle against terrorism, with thousands detained since 2014 for suspected ties to extremist groups.

This latest operation follows a similar crackdown in November, where 55 ISIS suspects, including high-ranking members, were apprehended in a five-month-long operation within Sulaimani province. The continuous efforts of security forces underscore the persistent threat posed by ISIS and the unwavering commitment to combatting extremism in the region.