• Friday, 12 April 2024

Minister of Education Alan Hama Saeed Spearheads Digital Transformation in Kurdistan's Education Sector

Gulan Media February 25, 2024 News
Minister of Education Alan Hama Saeed Spearheads Digital Transformation in Kurdistan's Education Sector

In a recent media conference held on Sunday, Minister of Education Alan Hama Saeed unveiled significant strides in the digitalization of Kurdistan's education sector. Minister Saeed announced that over seven thousand public and private schools have successfully registered their data on a specialized portal, marking a pivotal step towards modernizing educational practices in the region.

"We are committed to continually enhancing and expanding our educational sector, utilizing this platform to optimize the learning process in Kurdistan," Minister Saeed asserted during the press briefing.

Identifying key challenges such as inadequate school infrastructure in rural areas, deficient internet connectivity, and shortages of essential educational resources, Minister Saeed emphasized the government's concerted efforts to address these obstacles under the leadership of the Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region.

Highlighting the tangible progress made, Minister Hama Saeed revealed that six thousand laptops have been distributed to schools across Kurdistan, facilitating access to digital resources and tools essential for modern education.

Moreover, Minister Saeed underscored the crucial involvement of private schools in the digital transformation initiative, citing their significant contribution to the expansion of the educational platform.

Currently boasting over eleven thousand users, the platform not only serves as a repository for school data but also offers pedagogical training programs for teachers across the Kurdistan Region. This comprehensive approach aims to equip educators with the necessary skills and resources to deliver quality education in line with modern standards.

The announcement reflects the Kurdistan Regional Government's unwavering commitment to revolutionizing education through technology, ensuring equitable access to educational opportunities for all students across the region.

The digitalization efforts led by Minister Alan Hama Saeed signify a significant milestone in Kurdistan's educational landscape, promising a brighter future for generations to come.