• Friday, 12 April 2024

Kurdistan Regional Government Accuses Iraqi Finance Ministry of Creating Excuses Over Budget Disputes

Gulan Media February 28, 2024 News
Kurdistan Regional Government Accuses Iraqi Finance Ministry of Creating Excuses Over Budget Disputes

In a press briefing on Wednesday, the Ministry of Finance and Economy of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) denounced the demands put forth by Iraq's Ministry of Finance, labeling them as mere pretexts aimed at hindering the Region’s budgetary allocations and salary disbursements.

Hunar Jamal, spokesperson for the KRG’s Ministry of Finance and Economy, asserted that Baghdad has consistently obstructed the allocation process, causing disruptions in the Kurdistan Region's share of the budget. "Whenever they want, they've caused problems for the budget and the Kurdistan Region's share. All their demands are excuses and create issues for the civil servants of the Kurdistan Region," Jamal stated during the briefing, as reported by BasNews.

Highlighting the KRG's proactive efforts to facilitate timely payments, Jamal emphasized that all necessary information and budget revisions had been submitted well in advance. "We're waiting to learn the method and process through which this month's salary will be disbursed. We've already submitted all the necessary information and budget revisions last month," Jamal remarked.

Addressing concerns over the payment mechanism, Jamal clarified that the Kurdistan Regional Government has the infrastructure in place to utilize its My Account system for salary disbursements. "There is no federal bank in the Kurdistan Region. Hence, the salaries can be paid through My Account," Jamal explained, underlining the compliance of regional banks with regulations set by the Central Bank of Iraq.

Jamal further reassured that the utilization of My Account would not contravene any decisions of the Federal Court, as all banks operating in the Kurdistan Region have obtained licenses from the Central Bank of Iraq and are fully engaged in the salary payment project.

Recent difficulties in ensuring prompt salary payments to civil servants in Erbil have been attributed to Baghdad's persistent violations of the Iraqi constitution and financial entitlements owed to the people of the Kurdistan Region.

The Kurdistan Regional Government's firm stance underscores its commitment to safeguarding the rights and welfare of its citizens amid ongoing budgetary disputes with the Iraqi federal authorities.