• Wednesday, 17 April 2024

Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Invites US Companies to Explore Investment Opportunities

Gulan Media March 2, 2024 News
Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Invites US Companies to Explore Investment Opportunities

In a bid to bolster economic diversification and infrastructure development, Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani extended a warm invitation to American investors during a special reception hosted by the US Chamber of Commerce. The event, organized to honor Prime Minister Barzani's visit to the United States, drew the attention of numerous American officials, business leaders, prominent investors, and members of the Kurdish diaspora residing in the United States.

Addressing the esteemed gathering, Prime Minister Barzani expressed profound gratitude to the United States and American investors for their unwavering support and contributions to the Kurdistan Region's economic landscape. He seized the opportunity to shed light on the Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) ongoing reform initiatives, which are primarily aimed at diversifying the economy and bolstering infrastructure.

"I thank all the companies that have invested in Kurdistan and those who have interests in coming back to Kurdistan and looking at the opportunities," remarked Prime Minister Barzani. "It is my great honor to address you and talk about some of the opportunities that Kurdistan has, and I am looking forward to seeing many of you back in Kurdistan."

Highlighting the Region's burgeoning potential across various sectors, Prime Minister Barzani emphasized the KRG's concerted efforts to attract investments in fields such as agriculture, industries, and tourism. He underlined the Region's commitment to fostering an enabling environment for foreign investors, particularly from the United States, by streamlining regulations and offering lucrative incentives.

The Prime Minister's proactive stance resonated with the audience, as he articulated Kurdistan's strategic vision for economic growth and prosperity. With a renewed focus on inviting more American companies to explore investment opportunities in Kurdistan, Prime Minister Barzani's address underscored the Region's readiness to engage in mutually beneficial partnerships that drive sustainable development and prosperity for all stakeholders.