• Wednesday, 24 April 2024

Israeli Airstrike Kills Dozens in Aleppo, Syria

Gulan Media March 29, 2024 News
Israeli Airstrike Kills Dozens in Aleppo, Syria

In a recent development in the ongoing conflict in Syria, an Israeli airstrike in Aleppo province has resulted in the death of at least 36 Syrian soldiers, according to reports from the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The strike targeted an area near Hezbollah weapons depots, indicating Israel's continued efforts to disrupt supply routes to Lebanon.

The strike, which occurred in the vicinity of Aleppo's international airport, also claimed the lives of five Hezbollah members, as confirmed by two security sources to Reuters. However, the Syrian state news agency Sana reported that civilians were among the casualties.

The Syrian defense ministry acknowledged the Israeli airstrikes, stating that they targeted several areas in Aleppo's countryside, resulting in casualties among both civilians and military personnel, as well as material damage to public and private property.

The Israeli military has refrained from commenting on the reports, maintaining its stance of not addressing foreign media inquiries regarding its operations.

This incident adds to the escalating tensions in the region, particularly following Israel's recent conflict with Hamas in Gaza. The retaliation against Hamas, which began in October, has resulted in significant casualties on both sides. Israel's retaliatory campaign has claimed the lives of thousands in Gaza, with ongoing cross-border fire exchanges between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon exacerbating fears of broader regional conflict.

Hezbollah, while based in Lebanon, has been actively involved in the Syrian conflict, supporting President Bashar al-Assad's regime since the uprising against his rule began in 2011. The involvement of regional and global players has transformed the Syrian civil war into a complex geopolitical battleground.

As the situation continues to unfold, the repercussions of such airstrikes on the already volatile region remain a cause for concern, with the potential for further escalation and destabilization.