• Monday, 22 July 2024

International Forces Conduct 94 Operations Against ISIS in Iraq and Syria

Gulan Media April 6, 2024 News
International Forces Conduct 94 Operations Against ISIS in Iraq and Syria

In the first quarter of the year, international and national forces in Iraq and Syria collaborated on 94 operations targeting the Islamic State (ISIS), resulting in the elimination of 18 operatives and the detention of 63 others, according to the United States military.

The US Central Command (CENTCOM) disclosed on Saturday that US forces, alongside international allies within the anti-ISIS coalition, Iraqi security forces, and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), have intensified efforts against ISIS, predominantly in Iraq. Despite significant strides in dismantling ISIS, CENTCOM noted that approximately 2,500 ISIS fighters remain at large across Iraq and Syria, emphasizing the urgency of continued operations to ensure the enduring defeat of the terrorist group.

General Michael “Erik” Kurilla, the commander of CENTCOM, underscored the ongoing commitment to combat ISIS, citing the threat it poses both regionally and globally. He highlighted the coalition's strategic focus on targeting ISIS members engaged in external operations and those attempting to break out detained ISIS fighters to rebuild their forces.

Meanwhile, Iraqi officials have downplayed the threat posed by ISIS, asserting that the group's capabilities have been significantly curtailed. However, amid pressure from Iran-backed armed groups to expel US forces from Iraq, the Iraqi government has initiated discussions with Washington regarding the gradual withdrawal of coalition forces.

The US-led coalition continues to provide advisory support and aerial assistance to Kurdish Peshmerga forces, the Iraqi army, and the SDF in their efforts to combat ISIS. Although ISIS lost its territorial control in 2019, the group remains a formidable security concern, perpetrating bombings, hit-and-run attacks, and abductions in both Iraq and Syria.

Efforts to repatriate thousands of ISIS fighters and their families from detention camps in Syria are ongoing, reflecting the international community's commitment to addressing the complex aftermath of ISIS's territorial defeat.

As international and national forces intensify their operations against ISIS, the persistent threat posed by the terrorist group underscores the continued necessity for concerted efforts to ensure its enduring defeat and mitigate security risks in Iraq and Syria.