• Thursday, 23 May 2024

Two Kolbars Fatally Shot by Iranian Border Forces in Separate Incidents

Gulan Media April 15, 2024 News
Two Kolbars Fatally Shot by Iranian Border Forces in Separate Incidents

Two Kolbars lost their lives to direct fire from Iranian border regiment forces in separate incidents within the Kurdistan Province of Iran.

The first victim, 20-year-old Mehrdad Abdullahzadeh hailing from Sardasht, West Azerbaijan Province, fell victim to the lethal gunfire at the borders of Sardasht city. The incident, which occurred on Saturday, April 13, 2024, underscored the dangers faced by Kolbars, who often traverse perilous paths to earn a livelihood.

Adding to the grim toll, 44-year-old Omid Saidi from Sanandaj met a similar fate at the "Bastam" border of Saqqez city, Kurdistan Province. Saidi, attempting to cross the border on the same day, was fatally shot by border regiment forces. Tragically, not only did Saidi lose his life, but his accompanying horse also succumbed to the direct fire.

The discovery of Saidi's body on April 14, following an extensive search by locals, further highlights the gravity of the situation faced by Kolbars in the region. These incidents underscore the ongoing challenges and risks faced by Kolbars, who engage in the transportation of goods across borders, often navigating treacherous terrain amidst heightened security measures.

The Hengaw Organization for Human Rights has been instrumental in shedding light on these incidents, emphasizing the need for greater attention to the safety and well-being of Kolbars operating in these border regions.

The tragic loss of Abdullahzadeh and Saidi serves as a somber reminder of the perils faced by those seeking to earn a livelihood in regions marked by conflict and instability. As communities mourn their loss, calls for justice and improved safety measures resonate louder than ever within the Kurdistan Province.