• Thursday, 23 May 2024

Mass Grave Uncovered in Sinjar, Shedding Light on ISIS Atrocities

Gulan Media April 19, 2024 News
Mass Grave Uncovered in Sinjar, Shedding Light on ISIS Atrocities

A mass grave has been unearthed in the community of Siba Sheikh Dri in Sinjar, revealing the grim realities of the ISIS onslaught on the region in 2014. The discovery, made during preparations for road construction, serves as a poignant reminder of the atrocities committed during that dark period.

The organization for Human Rights, PETRICHOR, has announced its involvement in the excavation of the mass grave, vowing to focus on its specific aspects. This effort is part of a broader initiative to bring closure to the families of victims and to seek justice for those who perished under ISIS rule.

Out of the 89 mass graves identified in Sinjar, 38 have been excavated to date, resulting in the return of 160 individuals' remains to their families. An additional 500 bodies have been sent to Baghdad's forensic medical examination for DNA testing, highlighting the scale of the tragedy that befell the Yazidi population.

The events of August 3, 2014, marked a dark chapter in the history of Sinjar, as ISIS terrorists launched a genocidal campaign against the Yazidi community. Thousands were kidnapped, including over 6,500 women and children, while hundreds of thousands were displaced from their homes, seeking refuge in Kurdistan Region camps. Sadly, approximately 2,500 Yazidis remain missing to this day.

The liberation of Sinjar on November 13, 2015, by Peshmerga forces led by President Barzani was a pivotal moment in the region's fight against ISIS terror. Moreover, the signing of the Sinjar Agreement on October 9, 2020, between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Iraqi government aimed to address governance and security challenges in the region, signaling a step towards stability and reconciliation.

The uncovering of this mass grave serves as a stark reminder of the horrors inflicted by ISIS and underscores the ongoing efforts to bring closure and justice to the victims and their families in Sinjar.