• Saturday, 18 May 2024

Iraqi Prime Minister Hails Positive Talks with US Officials, Emphasizes Balanced Foreign Policy

Gulan Media April 20, 2024 News
Iraqi Prime Minister Hails Positive Talks with US Officials, Emphasizes Balanced Foreign Policy

Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ al-Sudani praised the "positive atmosphere" in his recent meetings with United States officials, including President Joe Biden, during his first trip to Washington. Speaking at the Atlantic Council, Sudani highlighted discussions on implementing the Strategic Framework Agreement to enhance bilateral relations between Baghdad and Washington.

During his visit, Sudani emphasized Iraq's commitment to a balanced foreign policy, striving to avoid alignment with any particular axis and instead focusing on constructive diplomacy to foster mutual interests with neighboring and international partners.

The ongoing dialogue between Iraq and the United States, particularly through the Higher Military Commission, has been pivotal in navigating the presence of coalition forces in Iraq. While Baghdad aims for the eventual withdrawal of these forces, Washington views the process as a "transition" in the coalition's role.

Sudani also addressed the continuing threat posed by ISIS, despite its territorial defeat in 2017. He acknowledged the persistent challenges, including sporadic attacks and instability in disputed territories between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

In addition to diplomatic discussions, Sudani engaged with US companies to enhance Iraq's energy sector, particularly focusing on oil and gas development. The Iraqi government signed 18 Memoranda of Understanding with American firms during the visit, signaling a commitment to economic reform and attracting investment to Iraq.

The prime minister's meeting with Iraqi embassy staff underscored the importance of prioritizing Iraq's interests and reputation in all diplomatic endeavors. Sudani urged embassy personnel to exert more effort in serving Iraq's interests and bolstering its international standing.