• Thursday, 23 May 2024

Kurdish Leader Masoud Barzani Reaffirms Support for Yezidi Minority Amid Delegation Meeting

Gulan Media April 21, 2024 News
Kurdish Leader Masoud Barzani Reaffirms Support for Yezidi Minority Amid Delegation Meeting

In a pivotal meeting underscoring solidarity and advocacy, Masoud Barzani, the prominent Kurdish leader and president of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), welcomed a delegation from the Yezidi Spiritual Council. Led by Mir Hazim Tahsin Beg, the Prince of the Yazidis, the delegation engaged in substantive discussions concerning the rights and welfare of the Yezidi minority group.

Expressing deep appreciation for Barzani's steadfast support, the Yezidi delegation conveyed gratitude for his unwavering efforts to champion the cause of the Yezidi community and foster unity among its members. During the meeting, the delegation emphasized the critical importance of continued support for their demands and stressed the necessity of shielding the Yezidi community from divisive forces.

In response to these concerns, Barzani reiterated the integral role of the Yezidis within the broader Kurdish community, emphasizing the paramount significance of preserving their distinct customs and traditions. He emphasized the imperative for the Yezidi community to remain vigilant against external influences that may pose a threat to their identity or attempt to sever their ties with their ancestral homeland.

Furthermore, Barzani addressed apprehensions regarding potential attempts to impose external leadership on the Yezidis, assuring the delegation of his unwavering commitment to supporting his Yezidi "brothers and sisters". He unequivocally pledged to resist any endeavors aimed at imposing foreign agendas on the Yezidi community, reaffirming his dedication to safeguarding their autonomy and integrity.

The meeting between Barzani and the Yezidi delegation signals a renewed commitment to solidarity and advocacy for the Yezidi minority, underscoring the enduring bond between the Kurdish leadership and the Yezidi community in their collective pursuit of rights and welfare.