• Thursday, 23 May 2024

Kurdish Language Teacher Sentenced to 11 Years in Prison in Iran

Gulan Media April 21, 2024 News
Kurdish Language Teacher Sentenced to 11 Years in Prison in Iran

In a recent development from Sanandaj, a prominent Kurdish language teacher and member of the board of directors of the Nozhin Socio-Cultural Association, Soma Poormohammadi, has been sentenced to 11 years in prison. The verdict was handed down by the first branch of the Revolutionary Court of Sanandaj.

The court sentenced Poormohammadi to 10 years in prison along with deportation to Kermanshah Central Prison. The sentencing, which was issued three days prior to its official confirmation, also included an additional one-year prison term by Branch 106 of the Sanandaj Criminal Court. This sentence was related to charges concerning the disruption of public security.

Poormohammadi, aged 35, was detained last year while attending court proceedings regarding her husband, Idris Menbari. Following her arrest, she spent 27 days in detention before being released on bail of one billion Iranian Rials.

The sentencing of Poormohammadi has sparked concerns among human rights advocates, particularly regarding freedom of expression and the treatment of Kurdish minorities in Iran. The case reflects a broader pattern of crackdowns on cultural and linguistic rights in the region.

The Nozhin Socio-Cultural Association, to which Poormohammadi is affiliated, has yet to issue an official statement regarding the verdict. However, it is expected that the decision will prompt further outcry and calls for justice from both domestic and international quarters.

As the situation unfolds, observers are closely monitoring developments and advocating for fair treatment and respect for the rights of individuals like Soma Poormohammadi within the Iranian judicial system.