• Monday, 22 July 2024

Iraqi Authorities Execute 11 Alleged ISIS Members Amid Criticism

Gulan Media April 25, 2024 News
Iraqi Authorities Execute 11 Alleged ISIS Members Amid Criticism

In a move that has drawn criticism from human rights groups, Iraqi authorities have executed at least 11 individuals this week, convicted of "terrorism" offenses. The executions, carried out in the southern Dhi Qar province, targeted individuals purportedly linked to the Islamic State group.

According to security and health sources, the executions took place in Nasiriyah, where 11 individuals were hanged under the supervision of a team from the Ministry of Justice. These executions, conducted under Article 4 of Iraq's anti-terrorism law, have sparked concerns about transparency and due process.

The individuals executed hailed from Salahaddin province, with their bodies subsequently returned to their families. Iraqi courts have increasingly handed down death and life sentences for individuals accused of affiliating with terrorist groups, regardless of their level of involvement.

Critics have pointed to the rushed nature of trials in Iraq, often marked by allegations of torture and coerced confessions. Amnesty International condemned the recent hangings, stating that 13 men were executed on Monday alone, with 11 of them allegedly linked to ISIS. The rights group also highlighted the case of two individuals convicted in 2008, citing a "grossly unfair trial."

These executions underscore ongoing concerns about human rights and legal proceedings in Iraq, with rights groups urging authorities to ensure fair trials and transparent processes in accordance with international standards.