• Thursday, 13 June 2024

President Masoud Barzani Welcomes Patriarch Mar Awa III to Highlight Commitment to Religious Diversity

Gulan Media April 26, 2024 News
President Masoud Barzani Welcomes Patriarch Mar Awa III to Highlight Commitment to Religious Diversity

In a significant display of support for religious pluralism and unity, Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani, president of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), warmly received His Holiness Patriarch Mar Awa III of the Eastern Assyrian Church and bishops from the Holy Society in Salahaddin on Thursday. This meeting underscored Barzani's enduring dedication to fostering religious tolerance within the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

According to a statement from Barzani's office, Patriarch Mar Awa III commended Barzani's unwavering support for religious communities, particularly highlighting Barzani's role in establishing the Patriarch's headquarters in Erbil. The Patriarch credited Barzani's leadership for advancing religious harmony and unity in the region.

Moreover, Patriarch Mar Awa III praised Barzani's firm opposition to the recent unconstitutional ruling by the Federal Court, emphasizing the critical importance of upholding coexistence and unity in Kurdistan and Iraq.

Barzani, reflecting on Kurdistan's rich cultural heritage of coexistence, expressed immense pride in this legacy. He also made a significant announcement, declaring his refusal to participate in elections until the unjust exclusion of certain communities is rectified. Barzani emphasized that the inclusion of all communities is vital for preserving the historical identity and unity of the Kurdish people.

The meeting between Barzani and Patriarch Mar Awa III highlights the ongoing commitment of Kurdish leadership to safeguarding religious diversity and promoting inclusivity in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. This gesture underscores Barzani's proactive stance in nurturing an environment of respect and cooperation among different religious and ethnic groups within the region, setting a positive example for the broader Middle East.