• Thursday, 25 July 2024

Peshmerga Forces Successfully Defuse IS Explosives in Sulaymaniyah Province

Peshmerga Forces Successfully Defuse IS Explosives in Sulaymaniyah Province

In a significant operation aimed at safeguarding civilian lives, Peshmerga forces have successfully neutralized three explosive devices planted by the Islamic State (IS) in the Chamchamall district of Sulaymaniyah province.

The operation, led by the 16th Infantry Brigade of the Peshmerga Ministry, received crucial support from the engineering team of the Kurdistan Commando Command. The meticulously executed mission unfolded near the village of Qushalani in the Qadir Karam subdistrict, where the IS-planted devices posed an imminent threat to local communities.

The legacy of devastation wrought by IS in Iraq since its emergence in 2014 has been marked by the widespread scattering of explosive devices, leading to countless civilian and security casualties. Despite the group's proclaimed defeat in Iraq towards the end of 2017, IS remnants continue to exert a dangerous influence in various regions of the country.

The successful defusal of these explosives underscores the ongoing challenges faced by Iraqi security forces in eradicating the persistent threat posed by IS. Peshmerga forces remain steadfast in their commitment to protecting civilian populations and ensuring stability in affected areas.

The vigilant efforts of the 16th Infantry Brigade and the Kurdistan Commando Command engineering team reflect the collaborative spirit among security forces in combating terrorism and securing Iraq's future against extremist threats. This operation serves as a reminder of the continued resilience and determination exhibited by Iraqi security forces in the face of adversity.