• Monday, 24 June 2024

Kurdistan Region Explores Solar Power Collaboration with Chinese TBEA Company

Kurdistan Region Explores Solar Power Collaboration with Chinese TBEA Company

Officials from the Ministry of Electricity in the Kurdistan Region recently convened with representatives of China's leading transformer manufacturer, TBEA Company, to discuss the implementation of expansive solar power projects across the region.

Minister of Electricity Kamal Muslim engaged in discussions with senior executives of TBEA Company during a significant meeting held on Sunday. The Ministry of Electricity confirmed that the Chinese enterprise is keen on initiating electricity projects within the Kurdistan Region during their visit.

A statement from the Ministry highlighted TBEA's ambitious objectives, emphasizing their interest in collaborating with local entities to supply transformers, cables, and other essential electricity infrastructure. Notably, the company expressed readiness to undertake voluntary scientific research aimed at deploying solar electricity generation initiatives in mountainous regions.

The director of TBEA articulated the company's readiness to partner with local firms and shared a vision to contribute to the advancement of the Kurdistan Region's electricity sector.

Minister Kamal Muslim affirmed the ministry's commitment to support and facilitate TBEA in the successful implementation of their projects within the Kurdistan Region. He also introduced the ministry's initiative to attract and incentivize major companies from the electricity sector to establish operations in the region.

This promising collaboration between the Kurdistan Region's Ministry of Electricity and TBEA Company underscores a strategic effort to bolster sustainable energy solutions, particularly through innovative solar power ventures, within the region.