• Sunday, 21 July 2024

EU Adds 10 New Sanctions Against Iran

EU Adds 10 New Sanctions Against Iran

European Union countries have agreed to impose new sanctions on 10 individuals and entities linked to Iran, sources with knowledge of the matter revealed to Reuters on Wednesday. This decision is a response to Iran's ongoing support for armed proxies in the Middle East and the Red Sea region, as well as its military assistance to Russia.

The EU's decision comes in the wake of intensified scrutiny and condemnation of Tehran's actions in the region, particularly following a recent missile and drone attack on Israel by Iran. Last month’s assault involved the launch of over 300 missiles and drones from various locations, including Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. These attacks were largely intercepted by Israeli defense systems and its allies.

European Council President Charles Michel emphasized the necessity of isolating Iran in response to its aggressive actions. "We must remain united and firm in our resolve to counter Iran's destabilizing activities in the region and its support for Russia's military actions," Michel stated.

The latest sanctions, agreed upon during a summit in Brussels, mark the first collective decision of the EU's 27 leaders since Iran's direct assault on Israel. The new measures build on the bloc's existing sanctions regime, which has already targeted numerous Iranian individuals and entities, particularly those involved in drone production and sales to Russia. These Iranian drones have been used in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, further straining Iran-EU relations.

The EU's expanded sanctions list is aimed at curtailing Iran's ability to support and finance militant activities across the Middle East and beyond. This move underscores the EU's commitment to maintaining regional stability and holding Tehran accountable for its actions.