• Thursday, 25 July 2024

Iraq Ranks Second Among Arab Countries in Operational Hydropower Capacity

Gulan Media June 18, 2024 News
Iraq Ranks Second Among Arab Countries in Operational Hydropower Capacity

In a recent report released by Global Energy Monitor, Iraq has secured the second position among Arab nations in terms of operational hydropower capacity. The data reveals significant strides in the region's renewable energy sector, underscoring Iraq's growing role in sustainable energy production.

As per the report, the combined operational hydropower capacity across seven Arab countries—Egypt, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Morocco, Lebanon, and Algeria—has surpassed 10.2 gigawatts (GW). Leading the charge is Egypt, boasting an operational capacity of 2.778 GW, followed closely by Iraq with 2.436 GW. Sudan takes the third position with a hydropower capacity of 1.85 GW.

Syria secures the fourth spot on the list, harnessing 1.585 GW of hydropower capacity, while Morocco follows closely behind at fifth place with 1.395 GW.

Lebanon and Algeria, although featuring lower capacities, also contribute to the regional hydropower landscape. Lebanon's operational capacity stands at 0.108 GW, while Algeria rounds off the list with 0.100 GW.

The rankings highlight Iraq's ongoing efforts to diversify its energy sources and enhance its renewable energy infrastructure. With a notable hydropower capacity in place, Iraq is not only addressing domestic energy demands but also advancing towards sustainable development goals in the region.