• Thursday, 25 July 2024

Iraqi Shiite Armed Groups Press for Immediate Foreign Troop Withdrawal

Gulan Media June 20, 2024 News
Iraqi Shiite Armed Groups Press for Immediate Foreign Troop Withdrawal

Iraqi Shiite armed groups, collectively known as the "Islamic Resistance," convened an extraordinary meeting to discuss the Iraqi government's authorization for the withdrawal of foreign troops. The groups, formed following the October 2023 Hamas attack on Israel, issued a stern statement on Wednesday demanding the immediate implementation of this decision to ensure Iraq's sovereignty.

The statement highlighted the group's frustration over the government's delay in announcing a withdrawal date for US forces from Iraq. “We reviewed the deadline set four months ago for the government to announce a date for the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq, emphasizing the imperative of achieving full sovereignty. The enemy’s delay and stubbornness have enabled them to invade our territory and control Iraqi security and economic decisions, shamelessly meddling in Iraqi affairs without considering the consequences,” the statement read.

Reiterating their commitment to Iraq's sovereignty, the group declared, "The Iraqi people, alongside their proud resistance, loyal politicians, tribal leaders, and parliamentarians, remain committed to closing this chapter and utilizing all available means to restore security, stability, and sovereignty."

Following the escalation of the Gaza conflict, the Islamic Resistance launched attacks on coalition forces, particularly targeting US positions in Iraq, Syria, the Kurdistan Region, and Syrian Kurdistan on October 17. These attacks were subsequently paused in response to strong US countermeasures in the region.

The backdrop of this renewed demand lies in the historical agreements between Iraq and the United States. In 2008, both nations signed the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA), which culminated in the withdrawal of US troops in December of that year. Additionally, the Strategic Framework Agreement was established, outlining a comprehensive partnership covering security, political, diplomatic, cultural, educational, environmental, and other fields.