• Tuesday, 06 June 2023

Kurdistan Regional Government launches multiple projects to modernize and reform sectors in 2023

Gulan Media March 26, 2023 News
Kurdistan Regional Government launches multiple projects to modernize and reform sectors in 2023

Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has launched several projects in 2023 aimed at modernizing and reforming various sectors. One of the most notable projects is the export of high-quality pomegranates and Barwari apples grown in the Kurdistan region.

With over 8,500 acres of land planted with pomegranate trees, the KRG aims to export this domestic product as the first step in its economic diversification and agricultural development agenda. The Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources states that more than 43,000 tons of pomegranates are produced annually in the region. The project is expected to create job opportunities, increase farmers' income, and attract foreign investment in the sector.

Moreover, the Barwari apple, considered one of the best products in the region, has been promoted by the Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani at the Davos forum. The apples have been quality-tested and are of high-quality, meeting international standards for export. The Majid Al-Fatim Group of Companies, which owns Carrefour hypermarkets, has contracted to purchase them to be sold throughout their chain stores. They are currently sold in nine Carrefour markets in the Kurdistan Region and are expected to be exported to foreign markets later in 2023.

Another notable project is the launch of the KRG's first online visa program to allow easier travel for visitors to the Kurdish Region. The electronic visa portal is available in three languages (Kurdish, Arabic, and English) and allows visitors to apply for a visa online.

In addition, the KRG has launched the "My Account" initiative, a financial inclusion program for public sector employees, pensioners, and security forces. The initiative provides a safe, transparent, and convenient way for government workers and pensioners to access their salaries through a network of ATMs that will grow to cover over 1,000 locations in the Kurdistan Region. The new initiative will enable sector employees to access modern banking services, such as loans, savings products, domestic and international transfers, international cash withdrawals, and online digital payments.

These projects are part of the KRG's commitment to modernizing and reforming various sectors, contributing to the region's economic growth, and creating a more sustainable and diversified economy.