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Gaziza Friends Theater Troupe to Present 'Rayhana' Play in Germany, Expanding Kurdish Artistic Presence

Gulan Media June 12, 2023 Arts
Gaziza Friends Theater Troupe to Present 'Rayhana' Play in Germany, Expanding Kurdish Artistic Presence

The renowned Gaziza Friends Theater Troupe is set to captivate audiences in Germany with their powerful play titled 'Rayhana' on June 17. The production, featuring esteemed actors Firmesk Mustafa, Biryar Hama Rashid, and Begard Ahmad, explores the perils and consequences associated with migration. 'Rayhana' sheds light on the struggles faced by families who become victims of smuggling, while also delving into the complex acceptance of such hazardous journeys within Kurdish society.

Under the direction of Karwan Ali Majol, with video editing by Nigar Hasib Karadaghi, this performance marks a significant milestone following the establishment of the German branch of the Gaziza Friends Theater Troupe. The troupe aims to expand its theatrical productions and activities in Germany, including the organization of seminars and workshops focused on diverse artistic endeavors.

In a similar celebration of Kurdish culture, the Kurdish-language opera 'Mem and Zin' recently graced the stage at the Mayfest Festival in Germany during the month of May. The opera showcased the rich cultural heritage and artistic contributions of the Kurdish community, offering audiences a glimpse into the depth of Kurdish storytelling and musical traditions.

The Gaziza Friends Theater Troupe's upcoming play and the staging of 'Mem and Zin' highlight the increasing presence and recognition of Kurdish arts in Germany. These performances not only entertain but also serve as platforms for raising awareness and fostering dialogue on important social issues, such as migration and cultural heritage.

With their dedication to promoting Kurdish artistic expressions, the Gaziza Friends Theater Troupe and other cultural organizations are bridging gaps and fostering understanding between communities, enriching the German artistic landscape with their diverse perspectives and narratives.

As the Gaziza Friends Theater Troupe expands its presence in Germany, it aims to continue engaging audiences through thought-provoking productions, fostering cultural exchange, and inspiring artistic endeavors. The troupe's commitment to organizing seminars and workshops provides opportunities for individuals to explore and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of artistic expressions.

The upcoming performance of 'Rayhana' and the recent staging of 'Mem and Zin' exemplify the Kurdish community's enduring commitment to preserving their heritage and sharing it with the world. Through these artistic endeavors, the Gaziza Friends Theater Troupe and other cultural groups contribute to the promotion of diversity, understanding, and dialogue in German society.

By Kobin Ferhad